Ring-resonator-based wavelength filters

D.H. Geuzebroek, A. Driessen

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    Microring resonators (MR) represent a class of filters with characteristics very similar to those of Fabry–Perot filters. However, they offer the advantage that the injected and reflected signals are separated in individual waveguides, and in addition, their design does not require any facets or gratings and is thus particularly simple. MRs evolved from the fields of fibre optic ring resonators and micron scale droplets. Their inherently small size (with typical diameters in the range between several to tens of micrometres), their filter characteristics and their potential for being used in complex and flexible configurations make these devices particularly attractive for integrated optics or VLSI photonics applications. MRs for filter applications, delay lines, as add/drop multiplexers, and modulators will be covered in detail in this chapter, while other applications such as in optical sensing, in spectroscopy or for coherent light generation (MR lasers) are outside the scope of this chapter. This chapter focuses primarily on 4-port microrings, while 2-port devices will play a minor role here and are covered in more detail in Chap. 9. The present chapter starts with design considerations, the functional behaviour, and key characteristics of a single microring resonator and continues with the design of cascaded MRs allowing the implementation of higher order filters. Finally, complex devices like add-drop filters, tuneable dispersion compensators, all-optical wavelength converters, and tuneable cross-connects are treated.
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