Roadmap for predicting vascular organization within engineered tissues

Prasanna Padmanaban, J. Rouwkema

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    Currently,lack of control over the organization of vascular networks within engineered tissues limits the clinical applicability of these tissues.Recent research found two major factors,fluid flow shear stress Song JW et al,PNAS 2011 and growth factor gradients Helm CL et al,PNAS 2005 play a significant role in controlling vascular organization.Here,we will present a novel method to predict the vascular organization within engineered tissues combining in-ovo, invitro and insilico models.This method involves the introduction of fluid flow and growth factor gradients within developing chicken embryo.We adopt Huang W et al,PLoSone 2015 approach of shell-less Exovo method for capturing the vascular dynamics and patterns of the developing chicken embryo.Then, we intend to introduce flow and growth factor patterns using bioprinter needles to construct engineered perfusable vascular network.Furthermore,we model these vascular patterns using the FEM-based COMSOL multiphysics tool for evaluating tissue level changes and agent based Morpheus tool for cellular level changes.We use the simulated results of fluid velocity and concentration profile as a feedback for tracking changes in the experimental models.Successful prediction of vascularization using the computational model attracts the scientific community and clinicians as it could result in designable vascular network with long-term stability and anastomosis compatibility, that offers the foundation in the formation of tissue building blocks for multi-structural tissue engineering.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages2
    Publication statusPublished - 11 Sept 2018
    EventEMBO Workshop on Physics of integrated biological systems 2018 - Cargèse, France
    Duration: 11 Sept 201821 Sept 2018


    WorkshopEMBO Workshop on Physics of integrated biological systems 2018
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    • vascular organization
    • engineered tissues
    • insilico models
    • ex-ovo CAM model


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