Rotational precision MEMS-based clamping mechanism for stable fixation of elastic mechanisms

Dannis Michel Brouwer, B.R. de Jong, Meint J. de Boer, Herman Soemers

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A mechanical clamp is presented which clamps one of the actuators of the MEMS-based TEM sample manipulator. The clamp incorporates a relatively large clamp force of 0.5 mN and is able to maintain the clamp force without external power. Although compliant mechanism design in MEMS design requires extra attention because of the relatively large deflections, small actuations forces and relatively large actuation stiffness, the real challenge lays in designing within the limited fabrication techniques. Though still in development, the fabrication technique proposed offers 35 μm high mechanisms with a trench width bandwidth of 3-20μm. The fabrication technique is compatible with the fabrication of a 6 Degree-of-freedom manipulator
Original languageUndefined
Publication statusPublished - 2006
EventPhilips Precision Technology Conference 2006 - Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands
Duration: 1 Oct 20061 Oct 2006


ConferencePhilips Precision Technology Conference 2006
OtherOctober 2006


  • IR-89865

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