Runway paving: taking a different approach

Andries G. Doree, Seirgei Rosario Miller, Henderikus L. ter Huerne

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Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) paving of airport runways mostly requires multiple paving teams, multiple pavers, and a wide array of other equipment. The runway paving projects are typically renowned for the logistical effort and the tight margins for overruns, often requiring a relatively large part of the contractor’s resources. Due to the nature of airport operations the projects are of a fast-track nature and planned meticulously. The large-scale nature of the projects raise the attention of the media and contractors often use them as showcases. Although their project characteristics are well known and often appeal to the imagination, the projects have little attention in scientific journals from a process and operations management perspective. We present research ideas on operational matters, process and quality control issues relevant for runway HMA paving construction. It builds on our research experience in the area of highway asphalt paving. We describe the current state of the asphalt paving process and provide a brief overview of the sparse publications in the area. Based on a limited oral inquiry amongst Dutch experts – we present a first list of issues typical for runway asphalt paving operations. We hone in on variability encountered during HMA paving operations and operational strategies necessary for consistent paving and compaction. Lastly, we present technologies and approaches to improve the operational control and subsequent quality consistency during runway HMA paving operations.
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Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2009
EventEuropean Airport Pavement Workshop - Amsterdam
Duration: 13 May 200914 May 2009


WorkshopEuropean Airport Pavement Workshop
Other13-14 May 2009


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