Seasonal Modelling Of Leaf Optical Properties And Retrieval Of Leaf Chlorophyll Content Across The Canopy Using PROSPECT : POSTER

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Seasonal changes in leaf chlorophyll across the canopy vertical profile provide information on ecosystem structure and functioning. However, studies on the retrieval of leaf chlorophyll content (Cab) using radiative transfer models such as PROSPECT across the canopy vertical profile throughout the growing season are lacking. In this regard, we sought to evaluate the performance of the PROSPECT in modeling leaf optical properties and retrieving Cab across the canopy position throughout the growing season. We collected 588 leaf samples from the upper and lower canopies of deciduous stands over three seasons in Bavaria Forest National Park, Germany. PROSPECT input parameters were measured for all the samples, and their respective reflectance spectra were obtained using an ASD FieldSpec-3 Pro FR spectroradiometer coupled with an Integrating Sphere. To retrieve Cab, we inverted the PROSPECT using a look-up-table (LUT) approach. Our results consistently revealed a strong agreement between the measured and PROSPECT simulated reflectance spectra for the lower canopy compared to the upper canopy, especially in the NIR. This observation concurred with the pattern of Cab retrieval accuracies across the canopy i.e. the Cab retrieval accuracy for the lower canopy was consistently higher (NRMSE = 0.1-0.2) when compared to the upper canopy (NRMSE = 0.122 - 0.269) across all seasons. Results of this study demonstrate that although the PROSPECT model provides acceptable inversion of Cab, subtle seasonal variations in leaf biochemistry and morphology across the canopy potentially affect the performance of the model.
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Publication statusPublished - 2019
Event11th EARSel SIG imaging spectroscopy workshop 2019 - Brno, Czech Republic
Duration: 6 Feb 20198 Feb 2019
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Workshop11th EARSel SIG imaging spectroscopy workshop 2019
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