Security and privacy in the clouds: a bird's eye view

Wolter Pieters

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    Over the last years, something called "cloud computing" has become a major theme in computer science and information security. Essentially, it concerns delivering information technology as a service, by enabling the renting of soft-ware, computing power and storage. In this contribution, we give a high-level overview of the issues that the emergence of cloud computing as a paradigm raises, both from a computer science and a philosophical perspective. We discuss 1) the ideal and limitations of encrypted data processing, 2) the necessity of simu-lating physical constraints in virtualised infrastructures, 3) the personal equivalent of cloud computing in the form of outsourced identity, and 4) the possibilities for connecting policy and technical level issues by means of a new ethical approach, called informational precaution.
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    Title of host publicationComputers, Privacy and Data Protection: an Element of Choice
    EditorsSerge Gutwirth, Yves Poullet, Paul De Hert, Ronald Leenes
    Place of PublicationDordrecht
    Number of pages15
    ISBN (Print)978-94-007-0640-8
    Publication statusPublished - 2011

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    • METIS-279144
    • Cloud computing
    • IR-76456
    • virtualisation
    • EWI-19837
    • outsourced identity
    • encrypted processing
    • Security
    • SCS-Cybersecurity
    • informational precaution

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