Signal sampling circuit

S.M. Louwsma (Inventor), Maarten Vertregt (Inventor)

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    A sampling circuit for sampling a signal is disclosed. The sampling circuit comprises a plurality of sampling channels adapted to sample the signal in time-multiplexed fashion, each sampling channel comprising a respective track-and-hold circuit connected to a respective analogue to digital converter via a respective output switch. The output switch of each channel opens for a tracking time period when the track-and-hold circuit is in a tracking mode for sampling the signal, and closes for a holding time period when the track-and-hold circuit is in a holding mode for outputting the sampled signal. The holding time period comprises a settling time period that is at least as long as the tracking time period. The settling time period is used by the track-and-hold circuit to charge an input capacitance of the analogue to digital converter to a voltage according to the sampled signal.
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    Patent numberUS2010207792(A1)
    Priority date13/09/07
    Publication statusPublished - 19 Aug 2010


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    • Signal sampling circuit

      Louwsma, S. M. & Vertregt, M., 11 Oct 2011, Patent No. US8035539(B2), Priority date 13 Sept 2007, Priority No. 0717840

      Research output: Patent


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