Simple odd $β$-cycle inequalities for binary polynomial optimization

Alberto Del Pia, Matthias Walter

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We consider the multilinear polytope which arises naturally in binary polynomial optimization. Del Pia and Di Gregorio introduced the class of odd $\beta$-cycle inequalities valid for this polytope, showed that these generally have Chvátal rank 2 with respect to the standard relaxation and that, together with flower inequalities, they yield a perfect formulation for cycle hypergraph instances. Moreover, they describe a separation algorithm in case the instance is a cycle hypergraph. We introduce a weaker version, called simple odd $\beta$-cycle inequalities, for which we establish a strongly polynomial-time separation algorithm for arbitrary instances. These inequalities still have Chvátal rank 2 in general and still suffice to describe the multilinear polytope for cycle hypergraphs.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages21
Publication statusPublished - 8 Nov 2021


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