Size-consistent variational approaches to nonlocal pseudopotentials: Standard and lattice regularized diffusion Monte Carlo methods revisted

Michele Casula, Saverio Moroni, Sandro Sorella, Claudia Filippi

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We propose improved versions of the standard diffusion Monte Carlo (DMC) and the lattice regularized diffusion Monte Carlo (LRDMC) algorithms. For the DMC method, we refine a scheme recently devised to treat nonlocal pseudopotential in a variational way. We show that such scheme—when applied to large enough systems—maintains its effectiveness only at correspondingly small enough time-steps, and we present two simple upgrades of the method which guarantee the variational property in a size-consistent manner. For the LRDMC method, which is size-consistent and variational by construction, we enhance the computational efficiency by introducing: (i) an improved definition of the effective lattice Hamiltonian which remains size-consistent and entails a small lattice-space error with a known leading term and (ii) a new randomization method for the positions of the lattice knots which requires a single lattice-space
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Pages (from-to)154113-1-154113-9
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of chemical physics
Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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