Smart Disc - Application in an ASML Wafer Stepper

Theodorus J.A. de Vries, J. Holterman, M.P. Koster

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    High-precision machines typically suffer from small, but annoying, badly damped vibrations. In case such a vibration problem can not be solved passively, a solution may be found in active vibration control. In this respect, research at the Drebbel Institute is aimed at the development of a device called SMART DISC (SD). It is envisioned as an active structural element, consisting of a piezoelectric position actuator co-located with a piezoelectric force sensor, and control and amplifier electronics. As an industrial, three-dimensional test set-up for evaluation of the performance of SD’s, the lens support of an ASML wafer stepper has been chosen. By inserting SD’s in the lens support, and applying Integral Force Feedback control, the relative tilt of the lens relative to the main plate has been reduced by more than a factor 3. The absolute acceleration level of the top of the lens at its dominant resonance frequency has been successfully reduced to less than 10% of the original level.
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    Title of host publicationProceedings Philips Conference on Applications of Control Technology PACT'01
    EditorsG. van Baars
    Place of PublicationEindhoven, The Netherlands
    PublisherPhilips Centre for Industrial Technology
    Number of pages9
    ISBN (Print)CTR595-01-0005
    Publication statusPublished - 6 Feb 2001
    EventPhilips Conference on Applications of Control Technology, PACT 2001 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Duration: 6 Feb 20017 Feb 2001

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    PublisherPhilips Centre for Industrial Technology


    ConferencePhilips Conference on Applications of Control Technology, PACT 2001
    Other6-7 February 2001


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