Sound generator

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    A sound generator, particularly a loudspeaker, configured to emit sound, comprising a rigid element (2) enclosing a plurality of air compartments (3), wherein the rigid element (2) has a back side (B) comprising apertures (4), and a front side (F) that is closed, wherein the generator is provided with at least one actuator (6), for instance one or more electromagnetic actuators and/or piezoelectric elements, configured to actuate the rigid element (2) for the generation of the sound.
    Original languageUndefined
    Patent numberEP20070107454
    Publication statusSubmitted - 3 May 2007


    • audio reproduction
    • Loudspeakers
    • smart structures
    • Active noise control
    • Active vibration control
    • Actuators
    • IR-76001
    • EWI-19607

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