Sound propagation in isotropically and uni-axially compressed cohesive, frictional granular solids

O.J.P. Mouraille, O. Herbst, O. Herbst, Stefan Luding

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Using an advanced contact model in DEM simulations, involving elasto-plasticity, adhesion, and friction, pressure-sintered tablets are formed from primary particles and prepared for unconfined tests. Sound propagation in such packings is studied under various friction and adhesion conditions. Small differences can be explained by differences in the structure that are due to the sensitivity of the packing on the contact properties during preparation history. In some cases the signals show unexpected propagation behaviour, but the power-spectra are similar for all values of adhesion and friction tested. Furthermore, one of these tablets is compressed uni-axially and under unconfined conditions and the sound propagation characteristics are examined at different strains: (i) in the elastic regime, (ii) during failure, and (iii) during critical flow: the results vary astonishingly little for packings at different externally applied strains.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)786-791
Number of pages6
JournalEngineering fracture mechanics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Elasto-plastic deformation
  • Particle simulation contact force-laws
  • Sound propagation
  • IR-80147
  • Granular materials
  • METIS-248815
  • Friction and adhesion


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