Spatial control of direct chemical vapor deposition of graphene on silicon dioxide by directional copper dewetting

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    In this paper we present a method for the spatial control of direct graphene synthesis onto silicon dioxide by controlled dewetting. The dewetting process is controlled through a combination of using a grooved substrate and conducting copper deposition at an angle. The substrate is then treated using a typical graphene chemical vapor deposition synthesis process at an elevated temperature during which directional dewetting of the copper into the grooves occurs while graphene is deposited at the mesas in between the grooves. The dewetting process and the synthesized graphene layer are characterized. The method is a non-manual, controllable and wafer-scale process, and therefore opens new possibilities for the construction of functional devices such as e.g. transistors.
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    JournalRSC advances
    Issue number92
    Publication statusPublished - 2016


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