Spatial dispersion in Casimir forces: a brief review

R. Esquivel-Sirvent, C. Villarreal, W.L. Mochan, A.M. Contreras-Reyes, Vitaly Svetovoy

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    We present the basic principles of non-local optics in connection with the calculation of the Casimir force between half-spaces and thin films. At currently accessible distances L, non-local corrections amount to about half a per cent, but they increase roughly as 1/L at smaller separations. Self-consistent models lead to corrections with the opposite sign as models with abrupt surfaces.
    Original languageUndefined
    Article number10.1088/0305-4470/39/21/S24
    Pages (from-to)6323-6331
    Number of pages9
    JournalJournal of physics A: mathematical and general
    Issue numberTechnical
    Publication statusPublished - 11 May 2006


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