Spontaneous Magnetization of the square 2D Ising lattice with nearest- and weak next-nearest neighbour interactions

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We show that the square two-dimensional (2D) Ising lattice with nearest- (J) and weak next-nearest-neighbour interactions (Jd) can be mapped on a square 2D Ising lattice that has only nearest neighbour interactions (J*). For Jd/J << 1 the transformation equation has the simple form GPHT_A_361184_O_XML_IMAGES\GPHT_A_361184_O_ILM0001.gif. This result can be used to derive expressions for several thermodynamic functions of the square 2D Ising lattice with weak next-nearest-neighbour interactions. As an example we consider the spontaneous magnetization and compare it with low-temperature series expansion results.
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JournalPhase transitions
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Publication statusPublished - 2009


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