Static Analysis of Functional Programs

Klaas van den Berg, P.M. van den Broek

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    In this paper, the static analysis of programs in the functional programming language Miranda is described based on two graph models. A new control-flow graph model of Miranda definitions is presented, and a model with four classes of caligraphs. Standard software metrics are applicable to these models. A Miranda front end for Prometrixt, a tool for the automated analysis of flowgraphs and callgraphs, has been developed. This front end produces the flowgraph and callgraph representations of Miranda programs. Some features of the metric analyser are illustrated with an example program. The tool provides a promising access to standard metrics on functional programs.
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    Number of pages33
    JournalMemoranda informatica
    Issue number94-53
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 1994


    • SE-SMM: Software Measurement and Metrics
    • METIS-121680
    • EWI-11073
    • IR-64349

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