Stochastics of bedform dimensions

C.F. van der Mark, Astrid Blom, Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher, S.F. Leclair, D. Mohrig

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Often river dunes are considered as regular bed patterns, with a mean dune height and a mean dune length. In reality however, river dunes are threedimensional and irregular features that cannot be fully described by their mean values. In fact, dune dimensions can be considered as stochastic variables. Their probability distribution can be characterized by a mean value and variance. The stochastic properties of dune dimensions are relevant for (see e.g. Van der Mark et al., 2005): • Shipping - highest crests • Pipelines & cables - deepest troughs • Modelling cross-strata sets - troughs, dune heights • Modelling vertical sorting - troughs • Modelling bed roughness - dune heights In the present research the stochastics of crest elevation, trough elevation and dune height are investigated by analysing three sets of flume experiments.
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Title of host publicationNCR-days 2005. Research on river dynamics from geological to operational time scales. 3-5 November 2005, Zwijndrecht
EditorsH.J.T. Weerts, I.L Ritsema, A.G. van Os
Place of PublicationDelft
Publication statusPublished - 3 Nov 2006
EventNCR-days 2005: Research on river dynamics from geological to operational time scales - Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
Duration: 3 Nov 20054 Nov 2005

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NameNCR publication 29-2005


ConferenceNCR-days 2005


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