Structuring the Technology Entrepreneurship publication landscape: Making sense out of chaos

Tiago Ratinho, Rainer Harms, Steven Thomas Walsh

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Technology Entrepreneurship (TE) is a popular and interdisciplinary research field, which is currently published in many different journals. TE articles, once the proviso of management of technology and general entrepreneurship journals, can now be found in journals ranging from those focused on organizational behavior to those specializing in finance. Today's TE researchers embrace the field with vastly disparate disciplines and theoretical backgrounds. This adds to the complexity of the TE publication landscape and makes it difficult for readers and authors to navigate in and to contribute to TE. Todays' journal rankings fall short in their ability to guide readers and authors searching for current thoughts and journals for specific TE research. This article structures the publication landscape in TE research. We provide a ranking of journals that focus specifically on TE. Our ranking is based on keyword searches that identify TE articles published until the end of 2011. We compile bibliometric indicators on both the impact of a specific journal and the impact of specific TE articles. We use primary indictors and combined indicators. Our analysis takes a reader-specific and an author-specific perspective. We identify a ranked list of TE journals
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Pages (from-to)168-175
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JournalTechnological forecasting and social change
Publication statusPublished - 6 Jun 2015


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