Synthesis and Stochastic Assessment of Cost-Optimal Schedules

Angelika H. Mader, H.C. Bohnenkamp, Y.S. Usenko, D.N. Jansen, Johann L. Hurink, H. Hermanns

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We present a novel approach to synthesize good schedules for a class of scheduling problems that is slightly more general than the scheduling problem FJm,a|gpr,r_j,d_j|early/tardy. The idea is to prime the schedule synthesizer with stochastic information more meaningful than performance factors with the objective to minimize the expected cost caused by storage or delay. The priming information is obtained by stochastic simulation of the system environment. The generated schedules are assessed again by simulation. The approach is demonstrated by means of a non-trivial scheduling problem from lacquer production. The experimental results show that our approach achieves in all considered scenarios better results than the extended processing times approach.
Original languageUndefined
Place of PublicationEnschede
PublisherCentre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT)
Number of pages27
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2006

Publication series

NameCTIT Technical Report Series
PublisherCentre for Telematics and Information Technology, University of Twente
ISSN (Print)1381-3625


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  • IR-65598
  • EWI-2694

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