System for actively reducing sound

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    A system for actively reducing sound from a primary noise source, such as traffic noise, comprising: a loudspeaker connector for connecting to at least one loudspeaker for generating anti-sound for reducing said noisy sound; a microphone connector for connecting to at least a first microphone placed adjacent to said loudspeaker; a control unit coupled to said first microphone connector, for providing an error signal, based on the output of said first microphone; and a control unit for outputting a signal to said loudspeaker connector, for controlling said loudspeaker based on said error signal of said control unit; control unit. According to the invention, said control unit is provided with a processor adapted to provide said error signal as a simulated error signal of a virtual microphone placed in the far-field of the loudspeaker. In this way a better noise suppression in the far-field can be achieved.
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    Patent numberEP20050729401
    Priority date13/10/05
    Publication statusSubmitted - 31 Mar 2005


    • IR-64785
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