Teacher Professional Development in Teams: A higher education review study

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When teachers use graphed progress-monitoring data for instructional decision-making, their studentsí performance improves, but teachers often do not use this type of data. Because graph interpretation can be complex, teachersí non-use of the data might be explained by graphinterpretation difficulties. In this study, using think-aloud and eye-tracking methodologies, we examined whether and how teachers (N = 23) differed in their ability to describe and interpret CBM progress-monitoring graphs, and whether this ability was influenced by teachersí general graph-reading ability. Teachersí general graph-reading ability was assessed by a graph-reading test with graph-interpretation questions. Teachersí understanding and interpretation of CBM progress-monitoring graphs were assessed via think-aloud and eye-tracking. Teachers were shown four CBM progress-monitoring graphs: two standard researcher-made progress graphs and two progress graphs from their own students. They were asked to describe and interpret these graphs out loud, while their eye movements were registered. Analysis of think-aloud data focused on the coherence, accuracy, and completeness of teachersí description/interpretation of the progress graphs. Analysis of eye-tracking data focused on the number, order, and duration of fixations on specific elements of the graphs. Finally, the influence of general graph-reading ability on graph interpretation was examined. More detailed analyses are underway. Insight into teachersí understanding and interpretation of graphs, as assessed with eye-tracking and thinkaloud methodologies, may lead to interventions that improve the use of graphed progressmonitoring data for instructional decision-making, which eventually may lead to improved student performance.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 23 Aug 2015
Event2015 Conference of the JUnior REsearchers of EARLI, JURE 2015 - Limassol, Cyprus
Duration: 23 Aug 201524 Aug 2015


Conference2015 Conference of the JUnior REsearchers of EARLI, JURE 2015
Abbreviated titleJURE


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