Technologies for Collaborative Business Process Management

Shazia Sadiq (Editor), M.U. Reichert (Editor), Karsten Schulz

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    Business process management (BPM) has become an extensive area of research with several specialized aspects. BPM is viewed from highly diverse angles ranging from a management strategy to a software system. It is widely acknowledged that process enforcement technologies hold the potential to provide the so called missing middle that can assist in overcoming the notorious business-IT divide. BPM technologies are considered as one of the key success stories in providing process control and monitoring functions, and addressing complex integration requirements in enterprise systems. However, the expectation of what this technology must deliver is a moving target. Whereas the success of coordinative processes depends upon the conformance to the prescribed control flow, the success of the collaborative process depends upon the ability to detect and react to changing conditions. What was true for workflow systems is no longer acceptable in the dynamic and cross organizational requirements for management of collaborative processes. The intention of the TCoB workshop was to provide a forum wherein challenges in modelling and deployment of specifically collaborative business processes can be debated. Areas of interest to this workshop included: Technologies for modeling and analysis of collaborative processes, E-service coordination and composition models, Cross-organizational process management, Event driven process management, Adaptive process management, Context-aware collaborative processes, Ontological aspects of collaborative processes, Knowledge management in collaborative processes, Middleware for collaborative process management, Architectures and implementations for collaborative processes, EAI and B2B technologies, Usability and technology adoption of BPM solutions, Business Process Scenarios: Description, Analysis, Classification.
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    Publication statusPublished - May 2006

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