Telematic tools to support group projects in higher education

Johan (CTIT) van der Veen, Betty Collis

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    We describe ongoing evaluations and new research on the use of telematic tools to support project work in higher education. Practical experience at our University has shown that project work can be implemented using the World Wide Web for many aspects of the project activities. The possibilities will grow with the introduction of groupware facilities in browsers. Among other success factors, the possibility to implement efficient and effective group and course management is essential for a more broad application of WWW supported project work in higher education. We describe a research project aiming at the integration of project management tools in a WWW environment. We will indicate how such educational tools will differ from project management suites for non-educational organisations.
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    Title of host publicationT. Muldner & T.C. Reeves (Eds.), Educational multimedia/hypermedia and telecommunications: Proceedings of ED-MEDIA '97, vol. 2
    EditorsT. Muldner, T.C. Reeves
    Place of PublicationCharlottesville, VA, USA
    PublisherAssociation for the Advancement of Computing in Education
    ISBN (Print)1-880094-26-6
    Publication statusPublished - 14 Jun 1997

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    PublisherAssociation for the Advancement of Computing in Education


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