The 6D Framework: An Evidence-Based Tool for Designers of Game-Based Applications

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In an effort to improve engagement to ‘serious’ game-based applications, we aim to create a framework that enables game designers to identify their target audience’s key motivations to play. We developed the 6D framework: a classification for game content and a survey to assess user preferences for this content. In this study, we 1) refined and validated the framework and 2) demonstrated the framework in practice. Three rounds of expert panel sessions resulted in a revised version of the framework's classification and survey, of which content validity was checked. In an online study, 102 respondents filled in the framework’s survey resulting in profiles of their game preferences as well as a practical example of insights gained from applying the framework. We found an average 76% match in comparing the profiles of the user with the user’s top ranked games. This study resulted in a hands-on method for game-based application developers.
Original languageEnglish
JournalUser modeling and user-adapted interaction
Publication statusSubmitted - 1 Oct 2019

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