The behavioral outcomes of a technology-supported leisure activity in people with dementia

N. Nijhof, J. van Hoof, J.E.W.C. van Gemert-Pijnen, H. van Rijn

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    Background: This paper presents the results of an evaluation of a technology-supported leisure game for people with dementia in relation to the stimulation of social behavior.

    Objective: In this study we explore the additional impact of technology-supported leisure activities on behavioral outcomes of people with dementia in a nursing home and daycare setting in comparison to a traditional leisure activity. The technology-supported game aims to stimulate social behavior and interaction among participants via its design features, including a TV, radio, telephone and treasure box.

    Methods: A mixed-method research design was applied. Observations of participants (n=10, multiple rounds of observations), were conducted using the Oshkosh Social Behavior Coding scale. The bootstrapping method was used for statistical analysis, differentiating for different subgroups of participants. In addition, interviews with the activity facilitators were conducted. Results:Social behavior was found to occur more often than non-social behavior during the sessions, in particular, due to commenting during the game. Participants with a low MMSE score, scored higher for non-social and non-verbal behavior. Female participants scored higher for social behavior than males. Activity facilitators stated that the technology-supported leisure activity helps them with their professional tasks.

    Conclusion: A technology-supported game can stimulate communication and social behavior among players with dementia. Moreover, it helps activity facilitators in making activities more person-centered.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)263-273
    JournalTechnology and disability
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - 2013


    • Technology
    • Reminiscence
    • Nursing home
    • Behavioral outcomes
    • Alzheimer


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