The Computer as Means of Communication for Peer-Review Groups

Thea van der Geest, Tim Remmers

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In a scientific-writing course, 15 of 54 students used a review-supporting computer program, PREP-EDITOR (PREP), to communicate with their peers about drafts. In an exploratory study, 10 students were interviewed regularly: 5 used PREP and 5 met face-to-face to exchange comments on drafts. The study showed that use of PREP did not increase time spent on various writing activities. The PREP group reported a large number of computer-related problems, whereas the non-PREP group reported more difficulties with assignments and course organization. It appeared that the technology was omnipresent in PREP users' perception of the course. The system of computer-mediated peer review has many of the drawbacks of 'distance learning,' but because networks are increasingly used by collaborating authors, we should teach our students how to use them sensibly.
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JournalComputers and composition
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1994


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