The contributing student: Learners as co-developers of learning resources for reuse in Web environments.

Betty Collis, J.C.M.M. Moonen

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    Learners can and do become engaged in learning through intrinsic motivations without the need for a teacher or instructional designer. In the workplace, for example, workplace learning is typically seen as a process of such self-guided learning, based on the needs of the task at hand. In the school and higher-education setting however, it is the teacher who has a major role in shaping the conditions within which students can become engaged in their own learning. In this chapter we review several sets of conditions of good instruction that are argued to increase the engagement of learners and we describe a particular pedagogical model which we call the “contribution” model which reflects those conditions. The majority of the chapter consists of examples from both higher education and professional learning situations which illustrate how the contribution model relates to engaging learning.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2005

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