The COSMO solution to the SWS challenge mediation problem scenarios: an evaluation

C.H. Asuncion, Marten J. van Sinderen, Dick Quartel

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    During the course of our participation in the Semantic Web Services (SWS) Challenge, we have shown how the concepts defined in the COnceptual Services MOdeling (COSMO) framework for the modeling, reasoning and analysis of services can be used to solve the Mediation Problem Scenarios of the Challenge. Along with the service-oriented refinement and composition paradigm of COSMO, our approach is also based on model-driven and goal-oriented principles where the semantic integration of applications is designed at a layer of abstraction higher than technology specifications. The objective of this paper is to evaluate our previous and current research efforts towards advancing our solution to the semantic integration of service-oriented applications, particularly, using the mediation problem scenarios of the Challenge. We do this by presenting the state of the art of our solution while reporting our experience with applying our solution to the scenarios including lessons learned and identified research challenges.
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    Title of host publicationSemantic Web Services - Advancement through Evaluation
    EditorsBrian Blake, Liliana Cabral, Birgitta Köning-Ries, Ulrich Küster, David Martin
    Place of PublicationBerlin
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    Publication statusPublished - 2012

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    • SCS-Services
    • EWI-24192
    • Mediation problem
    • METIS-302585
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    • Model Driven Development
    • Semantic web services

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