The design space for solving instructional-design problems

S. Dijkstra

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    The development of design science is outlinedin this article followed by a description ofthe concept of design space, which isillustrated by maritime design. The example isused to illuminate and situate the currentstate of instructional-design science. Thearticle summarizes the developments of aninstructional design science, both in Europeand in the United States of America. Followingthis discussion, instructional design isrelated to the general goals of education andthe concept of situatedness is discussed.Attention is paid to the description ofinstructional communication and how to solveinstructional design problems. Finally, anoverview is given of the issues addressed inthe other articles comprising this specialissue.
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    JournalInstructional science
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - 2001


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    • Design space - didactics - instructional design science - psychology of learning - situatedness
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