The effectiveness of co-operation: regional transport networks as common pool resources

Marc Witbreuk

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    This paper aims at contributing to a wider dispersion of the use of the theory of collective action. Besides, it aims to contribute to the development of the theory by modelling variables which are of influence with respect to co-operation and by quantitatively testing the model. The paper deals with regional transport networks and its management as a common pool resource. Problems with respect to this man-made common pool resource is with regard to the theory of collective action a new area of interest. In the paper the effectiveness of co-operation is analysed. It is focussed on describing and explaining effectiveness in terms of relevant factors and their interrelationships, both in a qualitative and quantitative way. Important contributions are the presentation of an integral model for the effectiveness of co-operation using a dynamic systems approach, the operationalisation of model variables and the empirical validation of the model.
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    Publication statusPublished - 10 Jun 1998


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