The field dependence of the domain period in CoCr films

J. Kaczer, J. Simsova, R. Gemperle, L. Murtinova, J.C. Lodder

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    The dependence of the submicron domain period of CoCr films in ascending and descending fields (dc: 8-320 kA/m; superposed ac: 0-55 kA/m) normal to the surface was investigated using the colloid-SEM method. Low coercivity samples (Hc/Hk ~ 0.02) were measured. Comparison with calculations furnished fair agreement in contradistinction to samples having H c/Hk ~ 0.05. The exchange constant A was deteremined from the thickness dependence of the domain period.
    Original languageUndefined
    Pages (from-to)49-49
    Number of pages1
    JournalJournal de Physique. Colloque
    Publication statusPublished - 1988


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