The future of binocular rivalry research: reaching through a window on consciousness

P. Christiaan Klink, Richard Jack Anton van Wezel, Raymond van Ee

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    Binocular rivalry is often considered an experimental window on the neural processes of consciousness. We propose three distinct approaches to exploit this window. First, one may look through the window, using binocular rivalry as a passive tool to dissociate unaltered sensory input from wavering perceptual output. Second, the mechanisms underlying binocular rivalry may yield detailed knowledge of the neuronal underpinnings of binocular vision and increase the value of rivalry as a tool to study consciousness. Finally, smart experimental manipulations allow experimenters to 'reach through the window' and interact with mechanisms of conscious visual perception. Within this distinction, we discuss the major open questions in binocular rivalry research and examine how recent technological developments may be incorporated in future studies.
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    Title of host publicationThe constitution of consciousness: reaching through a window on consciousness
    EditorsSteven M. Miller
    PublisherJohn Benjamins
    Number of pages28
    ISBN (Print)978-90-2721-357-0
    Publication statusPublished - 2013

    Publication series

    NameAdvances in Consciousness Research
    PublisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Company


    • BSS-Neurotechnology and cellular engineering
    • IR-87578
    • METIS-300113
    • binocular rivalry research
    • EWI-23883
    • Consciousness
    • Visual perception

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