The Impact of Illumination on Finger Vascular Pattern Recognition

Pesigrihastamadya Normakristagaluh, Geert J. Laanstra, Luuk J. Spreeuwers, Raymond N. J. Veldhuis

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This paper studies the impact of illumination direction and bundle width on finger vascular pattern imaging and recognition performance. A qualitative theoretical model is presented to explain the projection of finger blood vessels on the skin. A series of experiments were conducted using a scanner of our design with illumination from the top, a single-direction side (left or right), and narrow or wide beams. A new dataset was collected for the experiments, containing 4,428 NIR images of finger vein patterns captured under well-controlled conditions to minimize position and rotation angle differences between different sessions. Top illumination performs well because of more homogenous, which enhances a larger number of visible veins. Narrower bundles of light do not affect which veins are visible, but they reduce the overexposure at finger boundaries and increase the quality of vascular pattern images. The narrow beam achieves the best performance with 0% of FNMR@FMR0.01%, and the wide beam consistently results in a higher false nonmatch rate. The comparison of left- and right-side illumination has the highest error rates because only the veins in the middle of the finger are visible in both images. Different directional illumination may be interoperable since they produce the same vascular pattern and principally are the projected shadows on the finger surface. Score and image fusion for right- and left-side result in recognition performance similar to that obtained with top illumination, indicating the vein patterns are independent of illumination direction. All results of these experiments support the proposed model.
Original languageEnglish
Article number4413655
Number of pages17
JournalIET biometrics
Publication statusPublished - 3 Feb 2024


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