The Practice of Innovative Energy Systems Diffusion in Neighborhood Renovation Projects: A Comparison of 11 Cases in the Netherlands

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The diffusion of clean energy technologies is important to foster Green Growth. In the Netherlands the housing sector has considerable potential to increase energy efficiency by applying innovative energy technologies (IES). In this chapter we aim to answer the question of which factors explain the successful application of IES in neighbourhood renovation projects. Our research involves a comparative design, looking at 11 case studies. Comprehensive data collection was carried out, including 70 semi-structured interviews. We found that in only 3 out of 11 cases were IES successfully applied. Ambitions were reduced as the projects progressed. The main results of the analysis identify three factors that are positively related to IES application: policy instruments, housing associations’ organizational characteristics, and inter-organizational collaboration. The results of our analysis suggest that more policy efforts are needed to deploy IES in residential areas over a wider scale. This is important to facilitate Green Growth
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationGreen Growth: Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy.
EditorsD. Vazquez Brust, J. Sarkis
Place of PublicationNew York, Heidelberg.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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