Thermal design issues and performance of microcalorimeter arrays at sub-Kelvin temperatures

M.L. Ridder, M.P. Bruijn, H.F.C. Hoevers, A. Germeau, N.H.R. Baars, E. Krouwer, J.J.J. van Baar, Remco J. Wiegerink

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    We have produced 5/spl times/5 pixel arrays of microcalorimeters using bulk micromachining. Analysis of our data provides the thermal conductivity parameters of Si/sub x/N/sub y/ 1 /spl mu/m thick membranes at 100 mK. Moreover we find that the thermal transport at 100 mK in Si beams, with dimensions 1.25 mm /spl times/ 0.35mm /spl times/ 35/spl mu/m (length /spl times/ height /spl times/ width) is dominated by ballistic phonons with a mean free path of 110 /spl mu/m. These thermal parameters can be used for modelling future 32 /spl times/ 32 pixel arrays. In addition we operated three pixels in a 5 /spl times/ 5 array of microcalorimeters and find that the pixel to pixel reproducibility is very good. When used as an X-ray microcalorimeter individual pixels have a thermal decay time of 200 /spl mu/s is and their energy resolution is between 6 and 7 eV for 5.89 keV X-ray photons.
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    Publication statusPublished - 22 Oct 2003
    Event2003 IEEE Sensors: The 2nd Conference on Sensors - Toronto, Canada
    Duration: 22 Oct 200324 Oct 2003


    Conference2003 IEEE Sensors
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    Ridder, M. L., Bruijn, M. P., Hoevers, H. F. C., Germeau, A., Baars, N. H. R., Krouwer, E., ... Wiegerink, R. J. (2003). Thermal design issues and performance of microcalorimeter arrays at sub-Kelvin temperatures. 353-357. Paper presented at 2003 IEEE Sensors, Toronto, Canada.