Time characteristics of PROFIBUS on Windows XP

Yang Huang

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This project is aiming to investigate the use of the PROFIBUS as a fieldbus for control purposes, and to determine the time characteristics of PROFIBUS data transmission between two PCs. The actual experiments are performed with PC¿s running Windows XP, which is a non-realtime OS. The experiments are based on a one-master-one-slave PROFIBUS network with DF-Profi2-PCI boards. Measurement results show that under Windows XP the transmission time for a single PROFIBUS DP polling cycle is ranging from 1.9 ms to 90 ms, considering all extreme conditions. This time is mainly dependent on the transmitted data length and the transmission baud rate. The conclusion is that PROFIBUS, used in combination with a non-realtime operation system, is still a reasonable deterministic, cost-efficient and simple fieldbus, suitable for managing I/O peripherals in the field level. However, it might not be fast enough for high-speed real-time motion control purposes. Further investigation of real-time performance with PROFIBUS is recommended, especially in the combination with some real-time Operating Systems. Extending the simple network to a larger scale network can help to get further insight into this fieldbus technology.
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Publication statusPublished - 2005
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  • IR-56340

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