Towards a cultured neural probe: patterning of networks and their electrical activity

Wim Rutten, T.G. Ruardij, Enrico Marani, B.H. Roelofsen

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    Efficient and selective electrical stimulation and recording of neural activity in peripheral, spinal, or central neural pathways require microelectrode arrays (MEAs) at micrometer of nanometer scale. At present, wire arrays in brain, flexible linear arrays in the cochlea, and cuff arrays around nerve trunks are in experimental and/or clinical use. Two- and three-dimensional brushlike microarrays and 'sieves', with around a hundred electrode sites, have been proposed, fabricated in microtechnology, and/or tested in a numer of laboratories. ...... In this chapter we report the latest progress regarding two aspects: (1) enhanced neurophilic/neurophobic contrast and (2) spontaneous and synchronized activity of patterned host islands.
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    Title of host publicationHandbook of Neural Engineering
    EditorsM Akay
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    ISBN (Print)978-0-470-05669-1
    Publication statusPublished - 2007

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    NameIEEE Press Series in Biomedical Engineering
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