Worldwide there is growing evidence on ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces (UGS). As most studies originate from developed countries in subtropical or temperate climates, further research is necessary on the role of UGS in tropical cities in low and middle income countries. Cities in the tropics not only differ in climate and ecology, but also in demography, economic development, culture and lifestyles, and hence, the demand for ecosystem services and management implications of UGS. In addition, while literature suggeststhere is a cooling effect f rom UGS, less is known about the extent of this cooling effect and how for example the urban heat island effect manifests itself in tropical cities. This study is part of a project that aims to enhance the supply of ecosystem services from UGS in Paramaribo for a greener and more livable city. Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname, in the humid tropics of South America, and contains about three hundred thousand inhabitants. Poor policies for UGS are clearly visible by the lack of public recreational spaces and replacement of UGS by concrete and sealed soils. The focus of the study is on ) mapping different types of UGS in Paramaribo, 2) quantifying
their cooling effect, and determining the urban heat island effect, 3) mapping the supply and demand of selected ecosystem services and 4) gather insights on the perceptions of urban ecosystem services considering factors such as lifestyle and socio-economic status. The results of this study will contribute to improved understanding and awareness of local actors and policy makers on the role of UGS in Paramaribo. By involving these local actors and policy-makers through-out the project we aim to contribute to improved urban policies and planning in Paramaribo.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2019
EventESP 10th World Conference 2019: 10 years advancing ecosystem services science, policy and practice for a sustainable future - Hannover, Germany
Duration: 21 Oct 201925 Oct 2019
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ConferenceESP 10th World Conference 2019
Abbreviated titleESP 2019
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