Towards an open digital twin of soil-plant system following Open Science 

Yijian Zeng, Fakhereh Alidoost, Bart Schilperoort, Yang Liu, Meiert Willem Grootes, Yunfei Wang, Zengjing Song, Danyang Yu, Enting Tang, Qianqian Han, C. van der Tol, R. Zurita-Milla, Michael Ying Yang, S. Girgin, Yifat Dzigan, Zhongbo Su

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Climate projections strongly suggest that the 2022 sweltering summer may be a harbinger of the future European climate. Climate extremes (e.g., droughts and heatwaves) jeopardize terrestrial ecosystem carbon sequestration. The construction of an open digital twin of the soil-plant system helps to monitor and predict the impact of extreme events on ecosystem functioning and could be used to recommend measures and policies to increase the resilience of ecosystems to climate-related challenges. A digital twin refers to a highly interconnected workflow, with a data assimilation framework at its core to combine observations and process-based models, meanwhile accompanied by an interactive and configurable platform that allows users to create and evaluate user-specific scenarios for scientific investigation and decision support. Creating an open digital twin means creating a digital twin following Open Science and FAIR principles, both for data and research software. In this contribution, the STEMMUS-SCOPE model was used as an example to develop an open digital twin of the soil-plant system. We suggest our recently developed open digital twin infrastructure could serve as the backbone for an interoperable framework to facilitate the digitalization of other Earth subsystems (e.g., by simply replacing the soil-plant model). In addition, we show how software not designed initially as open can be adopted to create an open digital twin using containers - standardized computational environments that can be shared, reused and that foster reproducibility.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 26 Feb 2023
EventEGU General Assembly 2023 - Vienna, Austria
Duration: 24 Apr 202328 Apr 2023


ConferenceEGU General Assembly 2023
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