Towards model-driven service-oriented enterprise computing

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    The new enterprise is characterized by its ability to focus on core competencies and to flexibly interact with partners in order to collectively satisfy customer needs and exploit business opportunities. The new enterprise is an active player in dynamic business networks and it generally is itself composed of several interdependent organizational entities. One of the major challenges in this setting is to identify, establish, sustain, adapt and dissolve collaborations with partners. This should be done according to the enterprise's own business goals while taking account of internal and external developments. Such developments include reorganizations, mergers, economic and market trends, and changes in business partners and competitors. Next to these business level developments, technological developments should be considered as well. The latter are equally important since most enterprises heavily rely on IT applications, platforms and infrastructures to improve their productivity and efficiency. Collaboration within and between enterprises therefore not only require bridging administrative, organizational, jurisdictional and cultural boundaries, but also overcoming differences in IT-based solutions that have been developed or adopted by the collaboration partners. Moreover, business-level and IT-level approaches and solutions should be aligned, and should be kept aligned, in order to fully achieve their potential benefits. Advances in enterprise computing can help to address the above mentioned challenge. The articles in this special issue on the EDOC 2008 Enterprise Computing Conference discuss several of such advances. This editorial briefly introduces the main trends that we observe, and relates and positions the articles with respect to these trends, viz. improved enterprise models, model-driven development, and service-oriented architecture.
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