Towards true 3-dimensional BCC colloidal crystals with controlled lattice orientation

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A fabrication method of colloidal crystals possessing the BCC crystal structure is described. BCC colloidal crystals with a thickness of up to seven colloidal layers were grown in the direction of the (100) crystal plane. Defect free colloidal crystals with a homogeneous surface coverage were obtained over a surface area of several square millimeters. Quality and thickness of grown colloidal crystals were controlled by a set of deposition parameters such as deposition voltage, deposition time, and concentration of colloidal particles in the colloidal suspension, colloid surface charge density and withdrawal speed of electrodes out of the suspension. Optimal deposition parameters leading to a controlled BCC colloidal crystal growth were established.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Electrophoresis
  • METIS-260519
  • IR-80053
  • BCC structure
  • Colloidal crystals

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