Transfer path based tyre absorption tests

E. Tijs, B.K. Makwana, O. Peksel, S.K.P. Amarnath, Dirk Bekke

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The development process of a tyre usually involves a combination of simulation and testing techniques focused on characterizing acoustic/aerodynamic and vibrational phenomena. One of the acoustic phenomenon of interest is the absorption of the tyre, which affects the sound radiated. This properties is mainly related to local resonant effects, which can be changed by modifying the geometry of the tyre tread. A procedure is presented to determine the attenuation achieved due to a change in tyre tread configuration. The acoustic transfer path is measured from sound produced at one side of the tyre pavement contact area to the other. A miniature microphone and a small monopole with a known output have been developed to allow measurements inside the tyre grooves. Tyre sections with a circumferential groove only, as well as sections with additional side branches, have been evaluated.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAcoustics 2013 New Delhi : "technologies for a quieter India"
EditorsK.S. Krishnan
Place of PublicationNew Dehli
PublisherDK Agencies
Publication statusPublished - 10 Nov 2013
EventAcoustics 2013 New Dehli - New Dehli, India
Duration: 10 Nov 201315 Nov 2013

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PublisherDK Agencies


ConferenceAcoustics 2013 New Dehli
CityNew Dehli


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