Trexio: A File Format and Library for Quantum Chemistry

Evgeny Posenitskiy, Vijay Gopal Chilkuri, Abdallah Ammar, Michał Hapka, Katarzyna Pernal, Ravindra Shinde, Edgar Josué Landinez Borda, Claudia Filippi, Kosuke Nakano, Otto Kohulák, Sandro Sorella, Pablo de Oliveira Castro, William Jalby, Pablo López Ríos, Ali Alavi, Anthony Scemama

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TREXIO is an open-source file format and library developed for the storage and manipulation of data produced by quantum chemistry calculations. It is designed with the goal of providing a reliable and efficient method of storing and exchanging wave function parameters and matrix elements, making it an important tool for researchers in the field of quantum chemistry. In this work, we present an overview of the TREXIO file format and library. The library consists of a front-end implemented in the C programming language and two different back-ends: a text back-end and a binary back-end utilizing the HDF5 library which enables fast read and write operations. It is compatible with a variety of platforms and has interfaces for the Fortran, Python, and OCaml programming languages. In addition, a suite of tools has been developed to facilitate the use of the TREXIO format and library, including converters for popular quantum chemistry codes and utilities for validating and manipulating data stored in TREXIO files. The simplicity, versatility, and ease of use of TREXIO make it a valuable resource for researchers working with quantum chemistry data.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 28 Feb 2023


  • Quantum chemistry
  • Data
  • Interoperability


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  • TREXIO: A file format and library for quantum chemistry

    Posenitskiy, E., Chilkuri, V. G., Ammar, A., Hapka, M., Pernal, K., Shinde, R., Borda, E. J. L., Filippi, C., Nakano, K., Kohulák, O., Sorella, S., Castro, P. D. O., Jalby, W., López Ríos, P., Alavi, A. & Scemama, A., 7 May 2023, In: The Journal of chemical physics. 158, 17, 174801.

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