Tutor guidelines: How to make your life easier and have fun while being a tutor

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The current document aims to serve as a crude guideline/troubleshooter for rst
time tutors of the HTHT minor From Idea to Prototype, and other modules as
well. It is mostly based on personal experiences of the author and expert opinions
on tutoring by people from the Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching
(CELT)of the University of Twente . This guideline is by no means a "must do"
kind of document. Every tutor has and needs to have a personal tutoring style. The
only purpose of this document is to give you some insight of the way tutoring was
done in previous years and hopefully make your life easier and help you guide the
students to a great assignment! Moreover this document is not a stand-alone. It
accompanies the document regarding minor organization and project explanation.
These documents shall be provided from the minor coordinator each year. The
present document does not take into account the recent application of Challenge-
Based Learning (CBL) and the dierences between traditional tutoring and CBL
tutors. However, there is some overlap between the two.
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TypeGuidelines for tutors
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Publication statusPublished - 4 Nov 2021


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