Ultrasonic sound speed of hydrating calcium sulphate hemihydrate; part 1, the calculation of sound speed of slurries and hardened porous material

A.C.J. de Korte, Jos Brouwers

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This article focuses on the computation of the sound velocity through slurries and hardened products. The purpose is to use the sound velocity to quantify the composition of the fresh slurry as well as the hardening and hardened - porous - material. Therefore the volumetric models for hydration of calcium sulphates given by Brouwers /1/ is integrated with sound velocity equations found in literature. Furthermore the derived model is compared with experimental data. This shows that the model of Robeyst et al. /2/ gives good results for the computation of sound velocity through slurries, while the model of Ye /3/ give good results for the computation of sound velocity through hardened porous material
Original languageUndefined
Publication statusPublished - 2011
EventWeimarer Gipstagung - Weimar
Duration: 1 Jan 20111 Jan 2011


ConferenceWeimarer Gipstagung
Other30-31 März 2011


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