Using R in Taverna: RShell v1.2

Ingo Wassink, Han Rauwerda (Corresponding Author), Pieter B.T. Neerincx, Paul E. van der Vet, Timo M. Breit, Jack A.M. Leunissen, Anton Nijholt

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    Background: R is the statistical language commonly used by many life scientists in (omics) data by the open source workflow management system Taverna. However, Taverna had limited support for R, because it supported just a few data types and only a single output. Also, there was no support for graphical output and persistent sessions. Altogether this made using R in Taverna impractical.

    Findings: We have developed an R plugin for Taverna: RShell, which provides R functionality within workflows designed in Taverna. In order to fully support the R language, our RShell plugin directly uses the R interpreter. The RShell plugin consists of a Taverna processor for R scripts and an RShell Session Manager that communicates with the R server. We made the RShell processor highly configurable allowing the user to define multiple inputs and outputs. Also, various data types are supported, such as strings, numeric data and images. To limit data transport between multiple RShell processors, the RShell plugin also supports persistent sessions. Here, we will describe the architecture of RShell and the new features that are introduced in version 1.2, i.e.: i) Support for R up to and including R version 2.9; ii) Support for persistent sessions to limit data transfer; iii) Support for vector graphics output through PDF; iv) Syntax highlighting of the R code; v) Improved usability through fewer port types. Our new RShell processor is backwards compatible with workflows that use older versions of the RShell processor. We demonstrate the value of the RShell processor by a use-case workflow that maps oligonucleotide probes designed with DNA sequence information from Vega onto the Ensembl genome assembly.

    Conclusion: Our RShell plugin enables Taverna users to employ R scripts within their workflows in a highly configurable way.
    Original languageEnglish
    Article number138
    Number of pages5
    JournalBMC research notes
    Publication statusPublished - 16 Jul 2009


    • HMI-IE: Information Engineering
    • Scientific Workflow System
    • R
    • IR-67553
    • EWI-15799
    • METIS-264412
    • Taverna


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