Verification Techniques for Graph Rewriting (Tutorial)

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    This tutorial paints a high-level picture of the concepts involved in verification of graph transformation systems. We distinguish three fundamentally different application scenarios for graph rewriting: (1) as grammars (in which case we are interested in the language, or set, of terminal graphs for a fixed start graph); (2) as production systems (in which case we are interested in the relation between start and terminal graphs); or (3) as behavioural specifications (in which case we are interested in the transition system as a whole). We then list some types of questions one might want to answer through verification: confluence and termination, reachability, temporal properties, or contractual properties. Finally, we list some techniques that can help in providing answers: model checking, unfolding, assertional reasoning, and abstraction.
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    Title of host publicationVerification of Evolving Graph Structures
    EditorsParosh Aziz Abdulla, Fabio Gadducci, Barbara König, Viktor Vafeiadis
    Place of PublicationDagstuhl, Germany
    Number of pages1
    Publication statusPublished - Mar 2016

    Publication series

    NameDagstuhl Reports
    PublisherDagstuhl Publishing
    ISSN (Print)2192-5283


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    Rensink, A. (2016). Verification Techniques for Graph Rewriting (Tutorial). In P. A. Abdulla, F. Gadducci, B. König, & V. Vafeiadis (Eds.), Verification of Evolving Graph Structures (pp. 18-18). (Dagstuhl Reports; Vol. 5, No. 11). Dagstuhl, Germany: Dagstuhl.