VerifyThis 2012 - A Program Verification Competition

Marieke Huisman, Vladimir Klebanov, Rosemary Monahan

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    VerifyThis 2012 was a two-day verification competition taking place as part of the International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM 2012) on August 30-31, 2012 in Paris, France. It was the second installment in the VerifyThis series. After the competition, an open call solicited contributions related to the VerifyThis 2012 challenges and overall goals. As a result, seven papers were submitted and, after review and revision, included in this special issue. In this introduction to the special issue, we provide an overview of the VerifyThis competition series, an account of related activities in the area, and an overview of solutions submitted to the organizers both during and after the 2012 competition. We conclude with a summary of results and some remarks concerning future installments of VerifyThis.
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    JournalInternational journal on software tools for technology transfer
    Issue number6
    Publication statusPublished - Nov 2015


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