Virtual illumination grid for correction of uncontrolled illumination in facial images

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    Face recognition under uncontrolled illumination conditions is still considered an unsolved problem. In order to correct for these illumination conditions, we propose a virtual illumination grid (VIG) approach to model the unknown illumination conditions. Furthermore, we use coupled subspace models of both the facial surface and albedo to estimate the face shape. In order to obtain a representation of the face under frontal illumination, we relight the estimated face shape. We show that the frontal illuminated facial images achieve better performance in face recognition. We have performed the challenging Experiment 4 of the FRGCv2 database, which compares uncontrolled probe images to controlled gallery images. Our illumination correction method results in considerably better recognition rates for a number of well-known face recognition methods. By fusing our global illumination correction method with a local illumination correction method, further improvements are achieved.
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    • Model-based Face Illumination Correction
    • METIS-276382
    • SCS-Safety
    • Virtual illumination grid
    • EWI-19645
    • Face Recognition
    • IR-76042

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