Visible light emission from reverse-biased silicon nanometer-scale diode-antifuses

V.E. Houtsma, J. Holleman, N.A. Akil, P. Le Minh, V. Zieren, Albert van den Berg, Hans Wallinga, P.H. Woerlee

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    Silicon nanometer-scale diodes have been fabricated to emit light in the visible range at low power consumption. Such structures are candidates for emitter elements in Si-based optical interconnect schemes. Spectral measurements of Electroluminescence (EL) on the reverse-biased nanometer-scale diodes brought into breakdown have been carried out over the photon energy range of 1.4-2.8 eV. Previously proposed mechanisms for avalanche emission from conventional silicon p-n junctions are discussed in order to understand the origin of the emission. Also the stability of the diodes has been tested. Results indicate that our nanometer-scale diodes are basically high quality devices. Furthermore due to the nanometer-scale dimensions, very high electrical fields and current densities are possible at low power consumption. This makes these diodes an excellent candidate to be utilized as a light source in Si-based sensors and actuator applications
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationCAS'99
    Place of PublicationSinaia, Romania
    Number of pages5
    ISBN (Print)9780780351394
    Publication statusPublished - 5 Oct 1999
    EventInternational Semiconductor Conference, CAS 1999 - Sinaia, Romania
    Duration: 5 Oct 19999 Oct 1999

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    ConferenceInternational Semiconductor Conference, CAS 1999
    Other5-9 October 1999


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